Who can sign up for an account?
In order to sign up for an account and submit an order, you must be a licensed Canadian physician. To comply with the Food and Drugs Act, (section14) registered nurses and nurse practitioners are not eligible for an account.

What patient information is needed to submit an order?
None. The CCAP is a completely confidential service. The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, who administers the CCAP, does not require, collect, or store any patient information. It is at the discretion of the physician to determine if a patient meets the program’s criteria.

What makes a patient eligible for the program?
Patient eligibility is determined by the prescribing physician. Only one order can be placed per patient at a time. In the event that a patient continues to meet the program criteria at the end of the supply provided, the prescribing physician may resubmit an order.

Why can I only order one product at a time?
This program is intended to provide contraception on a compassionate basis for Canadian women who could not otherwise afford it. This is to be determined on a case-by-case basis at the prescribing physician’s discretion at the time of a medical appointment. This program is not intended for sampling purposes.

How does the clinic keep track of an order?
Once an order has been submitted, you will see a confirmation message and receive a confirmation email which will include a tracking number. This message can be saved as a PDF for Electronic Medical Records, or printed and added to a patient’s file. When the product arrives, it will include the tracking number that was provided upon ordering. It is the clinic’s responsibility to maintain records of which tracking number is assigned to each patient’s order.

How long does the product take to ship?
Product shipment can take between 4-6 weeks to be delivered from the day it was ordered.

What do I do if the product does not arrive after 6 weeks?
If an order has not arrived after 6 weeks, contact the SOGC at compassion@sogc.com.

How do I change my profile information?
In the event that any of your personal information changes, you can edit your information with the edit button located on your profile page.

Can I save multiple clinic addresses?
Yes, if you work at multiple clinics, you can save a primary clinic address as well as alternative clinic addresses for shipping.

The product I want to order is not listed, how do I get it for my patient?
If the product is not listed on the Order Page, then it is not available to order through the Compassionate Contraceptive Assistance Program.